24 Ağustos 2015 Pazartesi


When you are a 35 year old rational, stubborn and -sometimes- arrogant bastard like me, you have a pretty fixed idea about certain concepts of life.
It is almost impossible to change them since they are based on pure logic, which you have checked and corrected numerous times following your own "perfect" assumptions. "You" can never be wrong about them if "you" are any judge.  :)

You will notice that most people in your friend-circle are going to accept you as you are while a few individuals will try to show you that you can be wrong in some of your rigid ideas about life. They will try to show you, with examples, how you are ignoring some other facts in life while simply focusing on your "realistic" assumptions. You are gong to mock them; you are going to use high amounts of sarcasm while discussing with them, because you just don't take these new ideas seriously. You think you are comfortable living according to your rules; yet you don't want to see what you may be missing, by turning your head away and see the rest of the scenery outside your line of sight.

And then... One day, totally out of the blue...

Something or somebody happens. A brighter light than the one you've been following throughout your life. It walks by you towards the other direction, leaving you with a mixture of wonderful scents and warmth to knock you off your feet. You can't help but turn your head to take a better look while you try to keep up with your "set and sure walk of life". That's  when you lose your balance, start stuttering and maybe even fall down flat on your face, only to discover that it was in fact  a dirty mud you've been striding in all this time.

When you get back up you are going to have two choices.

1. You will either try to catch up with your earlier walk in the mud, following a fake light, without knowing where this road is eventually going to take you.

2. You will turn around and try to walk this new road, towards this new direction, following a Wonder even your imagination couldn't have grasped until now.

If you want to go with the latter; you will have to forget everything you know, nay, everything "you THINK you know". It's a new road... One you have never set foot before.. You can't just start running on it, no.
You're going to crawl first, until your knees start bleeding.
You're going to fall down and lose your rhythm when you first start walking.
Bruised ankles, swollen feet, worn out shoes... It's not going to be easy.
You are going to have to adapt and change to this new approach after spending half of your life facing a totally different direction only to discover that it actually goes nowhere and you've already been through the finish line almost a decade ago.

Now... There is no finish line in this new road. It extends to eternity. If you can adapt and change you can turn on the cruise control and enjoy the scenery. And this time you are not going to be alone...

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